Gayle’s BBQ Sauces are FAT FREE – TRANS FAT FREE – GLUTEN FREE - CHOLESTEROL FREE & have no saturated fats, preservatives or extenders.

Gayle’s BBQ Sauces come in FIVE flavorful varieties:

Gayle’s Original Sweet ‘N’ Sassy BBQ Sauce; is the irresistible original sweet ‘n’ sassy sauce. Our Original recipe is rich and thick, adding smoky and sweet flavor to
every bite. This sauce is great for broiling, baking and grilling, or as an additional ingredient to many recipes.

Gayle’s Extra Sassy BBQ Sauce; was created for those who prefer a spicier sauce. With it’s perfect blend of spices and just the right added kick to make it Extra Sassy,
this sauce has been used for many years in both South of the Border and American cuisine restaurants as a sauce and dip for tacos, nachos and Seafood, just to name a

Gayle’s Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce; was initially developed for health foods stores to target those customers who prefer healthier food with the same great flavor. This low
sugar product is perfect for people who wish to limit their sugar intake in their daily diet.

Gayle's Apple Cider Smoke; Gayle's Apple Cider Smoke BBQ Sauce starts off sweet... then here comes the smoky flavor! This delicious sauce has some bite, finishing
off with a mouth watering spice that lingers on your palette.

Gayle's Chipotle; Gayle's Chipotle BBQ sauce is a very versatile spice. We've mixed the sweet heat of Chipotle chili, together with Gayle's BBQ sauce, taking it to a whole
new level of Sweet 'N' Sassy! Our Chipotle BBQ sauce is great on all meats including Chicken, Beef and Pork; Also perfect addition with other ingredients to create amazing
dips and dressings.

Gayle's is often referred to as the "High end sauce without the high end cost!"   

You can find these great sauces in a 18 oz. bottles on these local retailer shelves.

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