Chipotle BBQ Chicken with Potatoes and Onions

  • HEAT grill medium to medium-low heat.
  • RINSE chickens; pat dry. Cut out back bone from each chicken with kitchen shears or sharp knife. Open chickens butterfly-style.
  • MIX BBQ sauce, peppers and garlic until well blended. Combine potatoes and onions in medium bowl. Add 1/2 cup BBQ Sauce mixture; toss to coat. Spoon onto center of each of 4 (12-inch) square sheets heavy-duty foil. Bring up foils sides. Double fold top and ends to seal each packet, leaving room for heat circulation inside.
  • GRILL chickens 15min; turn. Add packets; grill 25 to 30min or until chickens are done (165ºF) and vegetables are crisp-tender, turning occasionally and brushing chicken with remaining BBQ mixture for the last 15 min.
  • CUT slits in foil to release steam before opening packets. Cut up and serve one of the chickens with the cooked vegetables. Cool remaining chicken, then cover and refrigerate to use to prepare BBQ Chicken Arepa Melts another night.

TIP: How to "Butterfly" the Chickens. For best results, dry chickens completely before cutting them so they are not slippery. Place the chickens, breast-sides down, on cutting board. Cut along one side of the backbone in each chicken, then cut along the other side of the bone to remove it. Place chickens, skin-side up, and press down firmly to flatten.

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