Our Story

My father “Bernie” who bought a BBQ restaurant in South Central LA in the late 60’s, inherited a BBQ sauce recipe that became the talk of the town.

Years later, I was working as an actress in a commercial, and after spending two weeks on the set I became friendly with the cast and crew. They had heard about my dad’s restaurant and his famous BBQ sauce, and asked if I would cater the wrap party after the commercial was completed. Shortly after the wrap party, I received a phone call from the director saying that the production people, who were from Texas, called to say “the blonde was ok, but how do we get more BBQ sauce?”

This was to be the day Gayle’s Sweet ‘N’ Sassy Foods was born. That evening, I told my Dad my plan and asked if he wanted to go into business with me, making BBQ sauce and call it Bernie Baby’s BBQ from Brooklyn. (My Dad was from Brooklyn.)... he laughed and said he would show me how to make the sauce if I was really serious about it.

That next day, my Dad brought home a 55 gallon pickle barrel, a coffee urn and all the ingredients to make the first batch of BBQ sauce. After a day of mixing and pouring with my Dad, Mom, and three Brothers, the first labeled BBQ sauce was ready. The only problem was that I didn’t have a proper bottle nor did we have a label. During that same time I was working as a catalog model for a local advertising company. When I brought my idea to him he suggested that in lieu of payment he would trade me by creating a logo and name for my BBQ sauce. “The name should be Gayle’s Sweet ‘N’ Sassy BBQ Sauce.” He said. “The sauce is sweet with a little kick”, and he said that I was sweet and a pain in the neck, thus the sassy part.

The rest is Sweet ‘N’ Sassy History…